She's no Margaret

"Wife Swap's" near brawl.

By Kl

Published January 24, 2006 4:21PM (EST)

Last night's re-broadcast of an infamous "Wife Swap" episode, starring a sloppy, ignorant struggling white family switching spouses with a highly organized middle-class black family, delivered the fireworks you would expect (if not the freakshow you wanted). The white family admits to using the "N word" on occasion, and believes that children should not have to follow any rules. Actually, if you watch "Wife Swap" and "Trading Spouses" enough, you will be led to believe that many parents across America firmly believe that the best way to raise children is to impose absolutely no rules on them. Of course, these are the same parents who appear on these shows desperate to humiliate themselves for $50,000.

By Kl


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