Lucan or Luanne?

Kaitlin Cooper of "The OC" has an odd speech impediment.

By H.h.

Published February 2, 2006 8:47PM (EST)

Does "The OC's" new jailbait Kaitlin (Willa Holland) have a speech impediment, is she just a little slow, or does she draw inspiration for her character from Miss Jane Hathaway of "Beverly Hillbillies" fame? Is Holland trying to match the aristocratic tones of sister Marissa (Mischa Barton), the growly murmurs of Lucan the wolf boy, or the garbled dim-bulb bleetings of Luanne from "King of the Hill"? Does Holland talk that way in real life? Crusty old people obsessed with irritating teen starlets want to know!

By H.h.


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