Oscar and Eddie: Let's call it love.

By Eds.

Published February 2, 2006 2:43PM (EST)

Rebecca Wolf sent this photo in with the following information: "Oscar is always the squish-er, and Eddie is always the squish-ee." Cute.

Some of you have written in asking why we don't feature more cats on Video Dog. I won't lie, one of us seems to harbor some ill feelings toward kitties. I won't name names, but she just doesn't seem to have any appreciation for their independent natures, thoughtful expressions or heather-y fur. I guess she wants her animals docile and obedient, which is why she surrounds herself with dogs she can train to sit, fetch slippers, and whip up a lowfat smoothie at the snap of a finger. And, hey -- that's one way to go! Some of us want our pets to be companions, while others want furry little chain gangs.

By Eds.


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