Is anybody else hot in here?

Mickey Rooney's big banned naked bottom.

By Kl

Published February 2, 2006 5:28PM (EST)

I know some of you are rapidly firing off emails to us right now prompted by the ad and image below, and let me preempt you by saying right away: You're welcome!

With the Super Bowl days away, that fascinating subject of Super Bowl ads has already started to pop up on the morning shows and newspapers. Of course, it's a completely contrived topic -- no one really got that excited when Bob Dole, say, ogled Britney Spears in the soft drink commercial -- but it sure does make the advertisers happy! But we do get a minor charge out of banned advertisments, and had the brilliant idea of spotlighting an array of banned Super Bowl ads. They include this odd 2004 classic (which we've been waiting to spring on you for some time now) for the equally odd product, Airbourne, memorable solely for the steamy shot below.

By Kl


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