"The birds thought I was their mom"

What did you wear to the falconry portion of your wedding? Dita Von Teese shows weird how it's done.

Published February 3, 2006 11:23PM (EST)

Here's some Friday-afternoon fun, in the form of a Los Angeles Times profile of Dita Von Teese. LAT writer Booth Moore portrays the burlesque stripper, centerfold and now wife to Marilyn Manson as a savvy pinup who charms designers into flattering her with free merch. And while we'd hardly single out Von Teese as a role model, we got a kick out of some of the profile's weirder sections. Including:

"'The only excuse for wearing sweats and sneakers is if I was painting outside or doing Pilates,' she says. 'When I'm casual at home, I have a cashmere robe and mink bunny slippers. That's what I wear when I want to be comfortable.'" (What, were bunny bunny slippers not available?)

"'When I was fetish modeling, people would trade me corsets for photo shoots, and I saved them all.' Today, her collection numbers 400." 400! "She collects vintage hosiery ... she has more than 1,200 pairs stored in a file cabinet in her closet as well as her own line of stockings for sale -- both worn and unworn."

"'I don't like to talk about it ... but the swastika is actually an ancient symbol.'"

"She reaches for the 'bird of paradise' hat she wore for the falconry portion of her wedding, placing it on her head and vamping in front of a mirror. 'The birds thought I was their mom.'"

By Page Rockwell

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