Diaper-changing dilemma for dads

Men's restrooms often lack convenient changing stations.

Published February 6, 2006 9:04AM (EST)

Changing diapers is not exactly a fought-over task, but some fathers are finding that the already undesirable chore is made even more difficult by a lack of changing stations in mens restrooms.

An article on the subject in this week's Sunday New York Times features Greg Allen, who has been compiling a list of daddy-friendly public restrooms for almost two years. While chains like Toys "R" Us and Barnes & Noble are all for potty parity, Allen says that most men's rooms are decidedly behind the times.

In his blog's manifesto, Allen writes: "1) Most men's rooms don't have changing tables, or even counter space big enough to change a diaper on. 2) Apparently, in addition to changing tables, many women's rest rooms have gigantic lounges, with sofas and eunuchs scattering rose petals at their feet."

(For curious male readers, it should be noted that women's restrooms do not, typically, feature flower-scattering eunuchs -- and how creepy, were that to be true.) While Allen's exhaustive list isn't practical -- it doesn't take a parent to know that children's bathroom needs often warrant an instant fix, not the type of thing you can plan ahead for -- he certainly makes his point: Dads need changing tables too.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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