Is your plumber Mr. Right?

A new series of plumbing company ads spoofs women's magazines.

Published February 7, 2006 11:35AM (EST)

Forget pulling your hair out over whether you've found Mr. Right. The more pressing question is whether you've found the right Mr. Rooter.

A new series of ads for plumbing company Mr. Rooter -- highlighted yesterday by the New York Times -- mimics the quizzes typically found in women's magazines by offering readers a generic answer to their most complicated relationship inquiries. The first ad in the series poses the question, "Is he the one?" in pink, block print. Underneath the massive headline it reads, "Sure he's a plumber. But is he THE plumber? Use this guide to decide."

Mr. Rooter president Mike Bidwell says that the company's key demographic is women ages 35 to 55. "Typically, more often or not, it's the female who calls us; the male is leaving it up to the spouse and the wife is taking control of the situation," Bidwell told the Times.

I wonder what an ad spoof of male magazine features would look like.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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