Moons over my grammy

The Grammy Awards in 60 seconds.

By H.h.

Published February 9, 2006 9:01PM (EST)

The Grammies are endless. So why do half of the performers get to do two songs? Plus, each year it seems like the producers are straining to outdo themselves by putting together absurdly huge extravaganza performances. But really, is there a purpose to getting Elvis Costello, Bruce Springstein and the Edge on stage together, playing on the same song? Sure, it looks cool, but don't they all play the same damn instrument? How many performances should amount to a cacophany of mega-watt stars, singing over each other? Hasn't anyone every heard that old saying, "Too many cooks spoil the song-broth?" And then there are the divas. Oh, the divas, singing their endless notes to woo the crowd, notes that go on and on and on, notes that single-handedly extend the length of the show by 30 minutes. If you missed the three and a half-hour snoozefest, don't worry: Here's the whole night condensed down to about 60 seconds.

By H.h.


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