Catch me if you can

Bake that man a husband-catcher cake.

Published February 9, 2006 10:47PM (EST)

Hey ladies! I know you're all panicked, trying to plan out a super-duper romantic evening for your man on Valentine's Day! Well, why not try out this recipe for husband-catcher cake? After all, who among us doesn't love to see herself as a gigantic Venus' flytrap of love?

Wait, it gets better. Check out this quote from the Women & Wine Web site: "As a Southern belle once said, 'A man can have sex with any woman, but not a good chocolate cake. And this one is good enough to catch you a husband!'"

Ah, exactly. A man can't have sex with a good chocolate cake! Right?

No, wait, that's not it. I think the message here is: A man can have sex with anyone at any time, but a woman can only have sex with a man she makes chocolate cake for. No, hold on ...

The point is, serving up that ass is not enough! If you want to trap that man, you've got to bake, sister! Bake like the wind!

By Heather Havrilesky

Heather Havrilesky is a regular contributor to the New York Times Magazine, The Awl and Bookforum, and is the author of the memoir "Disaster Preparedness." You can also follow her on Twitter at @hhavrilesky.

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