Cheney victim suffers "mild heart attack"

Pellets from Cheney's gun have entered Harry Whittington's heart.

Published February 14, 2006 6:54PM (EST)

After reportedly talking with Dick Cheney about how to deal with news that the vice president had shot a man on a hunting trip, ranch owner and Bush-Cheney Pioneer Katharine Armstrong suggested to the press Sunday that Cheney's 78-year-old victim wasn't injured seriously. Harry Whittington was "more bruised than bloodied," Armstrong told the Houston Chronicle. "I think his pride was hurt more than anything else."

Like so much else in this story, it didn't quite add up. If Whittington wasn't injured seriously, why was he taken by helicopter to a second hospital after being taken by ambulance to the first? Why was he in that hospital's intensive-care unit for two days? Why is he still in the hospital today?

We're getting some answers now. At a press briefing this afternoon, a hospital administrator said that birdshot from Cheney's gun has moved into Whittington's heart and that he suffered a "mild heart attack" today as a result.

According to the Associated Press, Whittington's doctors have performed a cardiac catheterization and expect Whittington to remain hospitalized for an additional week.

By Tim Grieve

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