Women win against Wal-Mart

Emergency contraception now available in stores across Massachusetts!

Published February 14, 2006 6:35PM (EST)

Breaking news: In the battle between Massachusetts women seeking emergency contraception and Wal-Mart pharmacies, the score is now women 1, Wal-Mart 0.

According to an article just released by the Associated Press, "two weeks after three women sued Wal-Mart in [Massachusetts] state court for failing to carry the so called 'morning after' pill in its Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores in the state," today the Massachusetts Board of Health has voted to require the retailer to stock the drug in each of its pharmacies in the state. (To refresh your memory about the Massachusetts women's suit, check out our previous post on the issue.)

The suit is not the first time Wal-Mart has come under fire for its conservative policies regarding contraception; indeed, until now, the only state in which the retailer stocked emergency contraception was Illinois, where it is required by law.

It may be depressingly slow progress, but now at least it seems that one more state will be added to that list. The AP reports that Wal-Mart has until Thursday "to provide written compliance," and Dan Fogleman, a spokesman for the company, says the chain intends to respect the court's orders.

By Sarah Karnasiewicz

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