Watch out, pill, there's a new spray in town

Promising trials continue on a new transdermal contraceptive.

Published February 15, 2006 11:32PM (EST)

If you can spray on a tan, why not a contraceptive? The Australian pharmaceutical company Acrux Limited has teamed up with the Population Council to develop a contraceptive spray that would be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin -- likely via a daily squirt on the forearm -- and that would work by inhibiting ovulation.

Primary studies of the spray seem promising; Phase 2 trials will begin later this year.

"An important part of the Population Council's mission is to meet the need for reproductive healthcare products on a global scale, and we believe that Acrux's technology can be an attractive option for many women around the world," Population Council CEO Peter Donaldson said in a press release. We'll keep an eye out for the confirmed-safe contraceptive, and for the subsequent stonewalling by the Food and Drug Administration.

By Lynn Harris

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