Laurel Hester's partner says thank you

Stacie Andree: we couldn't have won our battle for equality alone.

Published February 15, 2006 2:58PM (EST)

Thanks to the Big Gay Picture, Broadsheet has followed the story of Laurel Hester, the terminally ill lesbian cop in New Jersey who fought hard -- and successfully -- for the right to leave her pension benefits to her partner. And now Hester's partner, Stacie Andree, has something to say: "I've mentioned it to several reporters, but I've never seen it printed anywhere and I'm worried people think I don't know we wouldn't be in the place we are now without their support. I mean, all their e-mails and phone calls and the copies of To Kill a Mockingbird people sent," Andree recently told the BGP. "It all made a difference. I'm so thankful to them from the bottom of my heart."

We know you guys care about this story; just wanted to pass the thanks along.

By Lynn Harris

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