Send in the scolds!

Bob Costas relishes the big disappointments of the Winter Olympics.

By H.h.
Published February 27, 2006 8:21PM (EST)

Is it just us, or is there something a little bit off-putting about Bob Costas' relentless focus on the negative in his interview with Sasha Cohen? And how about Costas and Tom Brokaw, double-teaming Bode Miller on his Olympic failures? Fault-finding Costas and "Greatest Generation"-obsessed Brokaw clearly don't understand these whippersnappers and their perfectly healthy ability to shrug off setbacks.

They attack Miller's laissez-faire attitude, but isn't an immunity to pressure one of the traits that helps certain athletes to excel? And how exactly are Miller's commercial sponsorships -- which most athletes need to support their training costs -- a contradiction to his personal lack of belief in hype? Worst of all is Brokaw's smug, half-muttered question to Miller, "Want to just disappear for a while now?", as if Miller should be incredibly ashamed of himself.

Why don't you grumpy grampies disappear for a while, and let the rest of us enjoy two of the sharpest, most balanced, most charismatic athletes to come along in years.



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