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Teacher's sex change, the men of South Dakota, incest as a family value, proposed ban on Republican adoptions and more.

By Lynn Harris
March 2, 2006 12:25AM (UTC)
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Big Ink: Where are the women of South Dakota? And, for that matter, the men? ("Without some kind of acknowledgment that the women ... didn't just think themselves pregnant, it seems this legislation is set on simply shifting the moral, economic, and physical responsibility onto women alone.")

CNN: Teacher's sex change divides community.


The Boston Globe: Romney shifts, and not in a good way, on adoption by gays. (Mark my words: This battle's gonna get even bigger. For laffs in the meantime, see the Carpetbagger on the Ohio Dem who's proposing a ban on adoption by Republicans.)

Pandagon: "Incest is a family value." (Utah lawmakers refuse to make incest an exception for parental notification of abortion.)

Seattle Times, via Chicago Tribune: Women begin to shake up India's caste system.


Guardian: U.K. teen girls call for compulsory sex ed.

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