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"Brokeback" star rebuked by school. Stapp calls sex tape sabotage. Plus: Britney goes ballistic!

By Salon Staff
March 2, 2006 7:30PM (UTC)
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Morning Briefing:
Michelle's mean alma mater: Actress Michelle Williams went to elementary and middle school at Santa Fe Christian School near San Diego -- she left at 16 when she landed a role on "Dawson's Creek" -- but the school is trying to distance itself from her in light of her Oscar-nominated performance in "Brokeback Mountain." "We don't want to have anything to do with her in relation to that movie," said Santa Fe Christian headmaster Jim Hopson. "Michelle doesn't represent the values of this institution. We would not approve of her movies and TV shows. We'd not like to be tied to 'Brokeback Mountain.'" Hopson added that Williams has "made the kinds of choices of which we wouldn't approve. 'Brokeback Mountain' basically promotes a lifestyle we don't promote. It's not the word of God." At least her mom, Carla, is proud: "I know her heart, her kind soul. Nothing she's done as an actress has bothered me." (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Stapp blames "someone" for sex tape: Scott Stapp thinks the recent appearance of the sex tape he and Kid Rock made with some strippers in 1999 is clearly an act of sabotage. The ex Creed singer, who released a solo album in November and was married in February, told AP Radio on Wednesday: "Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career." He says he'd told his new wife he'd had a wild time that year, and she's apparently fine about the tape. Stapp, meanwhile, isn't sure who, exactly, is behind all the bad things that have happened to him lately -- he was arrested a day after his wedding for being drunk at an airport -- but he almost seemed to imply there was a higher power at work. "You don't want to say it's laughable, but it's just like, my God, there's so much stuff. Somebody does not like you and somebody wants you to fail." (Associated Press)


Britney angry! Britney smash! Kevin Federline has again done gone and made Britney Spears mad. While Spears was vacationing in Hawaii last week, Federline was photographed arm in arm with a French actress named Sandy Lakdar outside Hollywood's Millennium Studios. A friend of the pop star's told Life & Style: "She was literally kicking and screaming (when she heard about the photos). When she got back to her suite, she was so furious, she destroyed everything in sight. She called Kevin but couldn't reach him." Lakdar, though, insists that nothing happened, trying to calm Spears with the classy line "I do not [bleep] married men." And in a weird public display of nonconfidence, Spears' Uncle Art says he isn't betting on the marriage: "I don't think Britney and Kevin are going to stay together." (Life & Style via Daily Dish)

Whitestarr rocker (and Mischa Barton boyfriend) Cisco Adler is getting in the middle of the Barton/Paris Hilton slap-down by standing up for his woman: "Has Paris nothing better to do than party and row with people? At least Misch has a job -- she's a respected actress. What's Hilton got going for her?" (3 a.m. Girls) ... For the first time since Elton John's "Candle in the Wind/You Look Wonderful Tonight" back in 1997, a Brit has topped the Billboard singles chart: James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" has gone to No. 1. (BBC) ... Crusty old Bill O'Reilly was actually once a young go-getter: See the photographic proof. (The Smoking Gun) ... In an effort to keep people in their seats during the Academy Awards ceremony, the lobby bar will halt its free service and start charging for cocktails once the show begins. (Defamer) ... A group of Israeli parents who've lost children to suicide bombers has been petitioning the Academy to remove "Paradise Now" -- nominated for best foreign film -- from the Oscar running. Yossi Zur, who lost a son in a bus bombing, told reporters, "What they call 'Paradise Now' we call 'hell now,' each and every day. It is a mission of the free world not to give such movies a prize." (Reuters) ... Dave Chappelle apparently is none too happy with Comedy Central's plan to cull material from the unfinished third season of his comedy series and broadcast it. "I feel like it's kind of a bully move," Chappelle told the Dayton Daily News on Wednesday. "That's just how I feel about it. I don't know if that's the case. But if people don't watch it, then I'd be more than happy." (Associated Press) ... Jack Wild, the actor best known for playing the Artful Dodger in 1968's "Oliver!" died on Wednesday night at age 53. "Jack died peacefully at midnight last night after a long battle with oral cancer," his agent said. "He always said he was an entertainer. He wanted 'The Entertainer' to be played at his funeral." (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

Money Quotes:
Goldie Hawn on how women in executive positions in Hollywood haven't changed things for the better: "Women have been absolutely no help, because they're working very hard to please the men that they're working for, and they are afraid to stand up for women." (AARP magazine via Rush & Molloy)


Kevin Smith -- who'll be watching the Oscars from the comfort of his couch this year -- on what comprises his awards-night menu: "RingDings, Twinkies, Doritos -- if it's got sugar and starch, I'm totally right there. My wife watches with me, she comments on the clothes all the time and is very sad because she's talking to me and I could care less about clothes. And I comment on the fact that we're running out of Doritos, RingDings and Twinkies." (Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood)

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