The "very, very well" report, continued

As officials discover bodies around Baghdad, gunmen in police uniforms take as many as 50 security employees hostage.

Published March 8, 2006 5:23PM (EST)

We've received the latest update from the al-Qaida media committee assigned to War Room -- it goes by the code name Yahoo News -- and here's what we've got to report:

Bodies: Iraqi and U.S. military officials say that they've discovered 29 bodies -- many of them hanged -- in and around Baghdad over the course of the last day. U.S. troops found 18 of them stuffed into a minibus in the Sunni district of Amariya. Most of the others were found dumped around Baghad, the victims of gunshot wounds. One had been beheaded.

Hostages: Gunmen wearing Iraqi police uniforms stormed into the offices of a private security company in eastern Baghdad this morning, then left with as many as 50 employees as hostages.

Bombings: Explosions killed at least four people in Baghdad Wednesday. A bomb hidden under a parked car killed two Iraq police officers. Another bomb, apparently meant for a U.S. convoy in northern Baghdad, killed two boys selling gasoline instead.

By Tim Grieve

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