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More Republican sex weirdness! And ... more!

Published March 8, 2006 9:19PM (EST)

Big Ink: Oh, here are the women of South Dakota.

Chicago Tribune/AP: The American Medical Association to young women: Spring break can be hazardous to your health. (Why single out women? They absorb alcohol faster. But are men immune to sexually transmitted infections, or beer? We don't think so!)

Gawker: Redbook makes you fat.

AlterNet: Molly Ivins sasses South Dakota.

Big Gay Picture: More Republican sex weirdness!

Daily Kos: Why "life begins at conception" is medically meaningless.

CNN: Lesbian crowned homecoming king.

Reuters: Women claim rape by Marine recruiters.

New York Observer: Med students learn to do pelvic exams. (Check out how they used to be trained! Eeuw!)

IMDB: Dolly Parton says she won't run for president. ("We've had enough boobs in the White House.")

By Lynn Harris

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