Staring into the storm, Dubai Ports World seems to blink

The company says it will put control of U.S. port operations in the hands of a "United States entity."

By Tim Grieve
March 10, 2006 12:09AM (UTC)
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George W. Bush went to the mat for Dubai Ports World, and now the company seems to be returning the favor. With congressional leaders making it clear that the president is about to lose a showdown on the ports deal, the company is saying that it will put control of U.S. ports in the hands of a "United States entity."

As the Associated Press reports, it's not yet clear whether the move will be enough to dampen opposition to the ports deal. By a vote of 62-2, the House Appropriations Committee voted Wednesday to kill the deal -- forcing the hand of a president who vowed to veto any legislation that would block the plan.

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