Even lobbyists need a little love

Jack Abramoff asks friends to write letters of support before he faces sentencing.

By Tim Grieve
March 16, 2006 1:09AM (UTC)
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If you're a compassionate conservative who still hasn't made a contribution to the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust, there's still time to show that you care. Another Republican in need is asking for help, and it won't cost you a dime to come to his aid. As the Washington Times is reporting, Jack Abramoff has sent out an unknown number of e-mail messages in which he's asking friends and acquaintances to write letters on his behalf to the federal judge who will sentence him later this month in Florida.

"I am saddened and embarrassed to have to write to you under these circumstances and hope that you will forgive my not calling, as unfortunately the matter is urgent, and (as you will see) I must reach out to as many friends as possible very quickly," Abramoff writes. He then asks that his acquaintances write letters telling Judge Paul C. Huck about the side of Abramoff's life he might not have gotten from the "harsh media caricature" of the disgraced lobbyist.


Abramoff addresses the missive to "my dear friends." No word yet on whether he sent a copy to Tom DeLay, who used to call Abramoff one of his "closest and dearest friends" before he decided it was better to keep his distance.

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