Miller and Libby: Not done yet

Scooter Libby's lawyers serve subpoenas on reporters.

By Tim Grieve
March 17, 2006 1:28AM (UTC)
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If Judy Miller thought her days of fighting subpoenas ended when she quit her job at the New York Times, the process server has just brought some bad news. Lawyers for Scooter Libby are reportedly serving subpoenas on Miller and Times columnist Nicholas Kristof as well NBC's Tim Russert and Time's Matthew Cooper. Additional subpoenas may be in the works.

CNN is reporting that Libby's lawyers are demanding that Miller produce any notes or other documents that could reflect discussions about Valerie Plame that she may have had with her editors at the Times. Miller's lawyer tells the network that Libby's subpoena is a "fishing expedition" that demands more information than Patrick Fitzgerald sought in the subpoena that ultimately landed Miller in jail.

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