Glamour exposes "the new lies about women's health"

And ideally, more women's mags will expose their good writing on their Web sites.

By Lynn Harris
April 5, 2006 10:25PM (UTC)
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Just the other day, a bunch of us Broadsheeters were complaining that if women's magazines were more committed to putting more actual editorial content on their Web sites, more people would know -- via blogs, for one -- about the smart, thoughtful journalism that shares space with fashion finds and lipstick tips (which, in my humble O, are not only a harmless form of entertainment but also, hello, help bring in the ads that pay for the "harder" features). And maybe fewer people who know I write for Glamour and who've never read Glamour or Cosmo would ask me things like, "So do you still write those dumb articles for Glamour or Cosmo or whatever it was?"

So now I'm all excited, because an excellent article I knew was forthcoming in Glamour -- and which no one asked me to promote -- is prominently featured on its Web site. Written by Brian Alexander, it's called "The New Lies About Women's Health," and it's basically one-stop reading about the myriad ways in which our government and its pet radical conservative activists, following their own "moral agenda," have put women's health at grave risk. (Remember, my point is not that this is unusual for Glamour, or Elle for that matter; I'm just stoked that it's on the Web site for easy access and linkage.) Anyway, go read the article. Even if it's nothing new to you, consider all the millions of women it's reaching who may not start their day with Broadsheet or Feministing. And even if women's magazines aren't your thing, consider that dismissing them out of hand doesn't help anything "for women" get taken seriously.


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