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Sex tourism in Georgia, universal insurance in Massachusetts, gay marriage in Ideal World and more.

By Lynn Harris
April 6, 2006 12:40AM (UTC)
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Reuters/Yahoo: Sex tourism is thriving overseas ... no, sorry, in the Bible Belt.

Boston Globe: Massachusetts to require health insurance for all.

Jerusalem Post: Another side-splittingly facile defense of polygamy. ("Can petty jealousies be kept in check? They could if the wives thought of themselves as a sisterhood." OK!)


Washington Post: Senator Feingold backs same-sex marriages. (Political spine ... or presidential suicide?)

SFGate.com: Is the obesity "epidemic" peaking ... at least for women?

AlterNet: Could pro-war right-wingers please lay off Jill Carroll?

American Digest: NBC circulates unflattering photo of ex Katie Couric.


The Onion: Girls gone wild released back into civilization.

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