Abortion cartoon raises $2,200 for choice

Awesome Oglala Sioux President Cecelia Fire Thunder says thanks, tells local paper "it's a very good cartoon."

By Page Rockwell
April 7, 2006 4:17AM (UTC)
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Quick update on the results of Stephanie McMillan's online auction of her hilarious cartoon criticizing South Dakota state Sen. Bill Napoli's creepy antiabortion rhetoric: The strip raised $2,201! Proceeds will go to abortion providers in and around South Dakota, including Sacred Choices, the clinic Oglala Sioux President Cecelia Fire Thunder plans to place on sovereign tribal lands within S.D.

Of course, Napoli has been less than thrilled about McMillan's consciousness-raising efforts. "The cartoon generated a huge amount of filth, intolerable filth," he told the Rapid City Journal. "Ninety-nine percent of the calls I got were just filth. I bet I didnt talk to 20 or 25 people I could talk to. The rest were screaming obscenities before I could hang up."


Well, that's a real bummer, Bill. But as McMillan told us in an e-mail, "What's really obscene are his efforts to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, even if they're victims of rape or incest, even at the risk of their health, regardless of their feelings or circumstances."

If you missed the chance to bid on the original cartoon, but want to support the cause, you can buy prints of the strip at McMillan's Web site. For information on how to donate to Planned Parenthood and Sacred Choices clinics directly, go here.

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