The Post gets an asterisk

In a switch, the paper acknowledges that Cheney was booed from the get-go at the Washington Nationals' home opener.

By Tim Grieve
April 12, 2006 7:22PM (UTC)
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After a wave of "What game were you watching?" questions from the blogosphere, the Washington Post has changed its tune on the chorus of boos that welcomed Dick Cheney to the Washington Nationals' home opener Tuesday.

As we noted yesterday, the Post's initial staff-written report on Cheney's appearance suggested that the booing erupted only after the vice president's ceremonial first pitch came up short. "The first pitch of the Washington Nationals' second season at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium was low and away, bouncing in the dirt before being scooped up by catcher Brian Schneider," the Post's David Nakamura wrote. "For that, Vice President Cheney received a round of boos from the home crowd this afternoon."


But it wasn't "for that" that Cheney was booed. The catcalls began the moment that Cheney stepped onto the field, a fact that the Post is now acknowledging in a longer, reworked version of Nakamura's story. The story now says that Cheney was "booed by some as he walked to the mound" and then "got even more catcalls after his throw."

That's closer to the truth, and the Post doesn't need to look far to get the real scoop. An Associated Press story posted on the Post's Web site makes it clear that Cheney was "greeted" by boos, and the Post's own Reliable Source column says that Cheney "drew boisterous boos from the moment he stepped on the field until he jogged off."

You could look it up. But who would do that?

Tim Grieve

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