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Revlon introduces new cosmetics line targeting older women.

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards
April 12, 2006 10:38PM (UTC)
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It's about time. After chasing the young for decades, cosmetic companies are finally courting older women as the next big market. Revlon recently introduced its Vital Radiance collection, which targets women over 50, reports the Globe and Mail. The 100 or so products include moisturizers and color schemes with rosier foundations and more subtle eye shadow colors. Other companies are also eyeing the demographic.

The article refers to the U.K. launch, but the products were brought out in the U.S. in January, so they're brand-new here, too. The smell of boomer bucks is no doubt driving the trend. For example, female heads of household over age 45 buy about 70 percent of cosmetics at mass retailers, according to the market research company ACNielsen. Whatever the reason, though, celebrating the beauty of women of all ages is a welcome move.

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