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Sandra Tsing Loh, Amy Sohn, Tiffani Thiessen and more.

Katharine Mieszkowski
April 14, 2006 2:21AM (UTC)

Atlantic Monthly: Sandra Tsing Loh slags both wealthy stay-at-home moms and rich working moms for elitist mommy warring, while simultaneously maintaining that she doesn't want to start another war.

New York Observer: Perpetuating the species is now trendy, writer Amy Sohn decrees: "I think that motherhood and parenting is hot right now in a way that it wasn't even just five years ago."


IRIN: Iraqi women were more respected under Saddam Hussein, say women's groups.

Forbes: America's teens and young women are not getting enough calcium.

Reuters: Employer's joke dashes maid's Playboy hopes.

The Onion: A 32-year-old actress dies of old age. (Scroll for Tiffani Thiessen's obit notice.)

Katharine Mieszkowski

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