The passion of the clay

Prepare yourself for the "700 Club's" Easter "classic."

By Kl
April 14, 2006 5:39PM (UTC)
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Video Dog and Pat Robertson's "700 Club" have different ideas of what makes a "classic." We think of the Star Wars Kid and the Dancing Cadet. Robertson thinks of sculptor Gil Amelio (not that one) and this very intense performance creating a clay Jesus while describing the crucifixion. Hmmm . . . no, that's not exactly it. It's really hard to explain what Amelio does here. Imagine an extremely manic Bob Ross (come on, you remember Bob Ross) who becomes consumed by his own fervor while sculpting -- pounding, beating, spitting upon -- a bust of Jesus that looks a lot like Abe Vigoda. And he does it to music.



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