Bolten to White House staff: If you're leaving, leave now

Scott McClellan won't talk about his own plans.

By Tim Grieve
April 17, 2006 8:27PM (UTC)
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George W. Bush's new chief of staff apparently delivered a message to his fellow presidential aides today: If you're thinking of jumping ship this year, do it now.

Josh Bolten held his first Monday morning staff meeting today, and White House press secretary Scott McClellan emerged to say that his new boss had vowed to "refresh and reenergize the team." McClellan said that nobody offered up a resignation on the spot, and he answered a question about his own future about as directly as he answers anything else these days. Asked if he plans to step down, McClellan said: "I never speculate about personnel measures."


His reticence is understandable. The last time we heard McClellan "speculating" about personnel measures, he was insisting that anyone involved in "the leaking of classified information" would "no longer work in this administration."

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