Vito's "Sopranos" tour

Poor gay Vito, the outcast Soprano, takes us on a Jersey tour.

By Kl
April 17, 2006 9:35PM (UTC)
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As "Sopranos" fans know, Vito Spatafore does not seem long for this world. So this Jersey tour by Joe Gannnascoli (who plays Vito) may have particular poignance for fans. It's also sort of hilarious to hear the real Vito speak. Personally, we like to imagine these actors as completely different from their characters; Gandolfini speaking about golf in a Scottish brogue, Tony Sirico going on about a new Shiraz in an Aussie drawl. But Gannascoli sounds like an authentic Jersey boy (OK, he grew up in Brooklyn, but still), especially when he visits the Bada Bing.



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