Oscar goes wild

The dog that can catch -- and throw!

By Kl
April 19, 2006 5:08PM (UTC)
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Paul Papanek sends in this impressive video of Oscar Wild. Paul (that's him in the video) explains: "[Oscar] came up with this little trick all on on his own, though we have worked together to kind of hone it to the fine skill it is. Letterman flew us out to NY to be on Stupid Pet Tricks just about a year ago. After having successfully gone through rehearsal, we were sitting in the green room waiting to go on - along with a couple of other dogs and a pig - and someone came in and told us that Dave had decided that he wasn't in the mood for Pet Tricks that night after all (he really wanted to spend more time talking to Sting...)" We'd take Oscar over Sting any time.



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