Tennis champ! Prom date?

With a racket, Annie Houghton beats the boys.

By Katharine Mieszkowski
April 20, 2006 11:08PM (UTC)
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Broadsheet reader Bethany L. Ruhe forwarded this feel-good story about a teen tennis phenomenon, Annie Houghton, who won the boys Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League tennis championship.

Houghton's opponents were gracious in defeat. Peter Kaczmarek told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "I'm not upset, I'm disappointed I didn't win. You could say I was the last man standing. So I'll take that, I guess." Props to Kaczmarek for giving such a classy answer to the question: So, what's it like to lose to a girl?


Congratulations to Houghton on her big win. The champ had this to say about the competition: "Playing with boys has never been intimidating. I've trained with boys my whole life. I grew up with two brothers."

There's just one wrinkle in this tennis tale, as our tipster Ruhe points out; the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story noted that Houghton "has the look of a girl you'd want your son to take to the prom." Translation: she's athletic and cute. Can you imagine that?

As Ruhe puts it: "No word on the prom-worthiness of her defeated opponents."

Katharine Mieszkowski

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