Fox cries "Whore!"

A Fox friend goes off on the accuser in the Duke rape scandal.

April 21, 2006 8:34PM (UTC)

E.D. Hill, who has always seeemed to us like the meanest PTA mommy ever to make her way onto cable TV, took the progressive route in discussing the Duke rape case: Let's just skip the messy details and call the accuser a whore. Now, the "Fox & Friends" crew are clearly just a bunch of trained collies (No offense, collies!), but their discussion of the alleged rape victim -- whom they all insist on referring to as "the stripper" -- was pretty remarkable. Hill starts by marveling how much the woman makes as a stripper, then wonders why a student would need to make that much money when her tuition is only $1,800 a semester. Sure, she has two children, but Hill points out that she's divorced, and so "you assume that she's getting some child support" -- a really moronic assumption. The absurdity of a wealthy TV talking head questioning why a working class mother would dare make a living wage is obviously lost on these numbskulls. Instead, Hill imagines that The Stripper could make as much as $800 a day, which prompts co-anchor Brian Kilmeade to wag his tail, get out his super-duper fast mental calculator and report that, at that rate, "you could pay for your tuition in less than a month!"



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