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The debut of Salon's podcasting: Thomas Bartlett's Weekly Download roundup

By Salon Staff
April 22, 2006 12:00AM (UTC)
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We're happy to announce our first official podcast: Thomas Bartlett's Weekly Download, a compilation of the week's daily downloads along with his commentary (he's been secretly recording them for the past two weeks, so you'll have three full shows to listen to -- now's the time to catch up on anything you missed). Consider it a shiny new playlist, with our special quality guarantee. And if you especially love any of the songs, you can always come back here and download them individually for free.

New episodes will arrive every Friday afternoon, and other new podcasts are coming soon, so watch this space.


To subscribe to Weekly Downloads in iTunes, click here.

(You'll need iTunes version 4.9 or above to subscribe. If you have questions about podcasting, read our podcasting help page.)

Or, you can listen to each podcast as an MP3 file:
Episode 3, April 17-21
Episode 2, April 10-14
Episode 1, April 3-7

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