Saved by the sitcom star

What ever happened to Kirk Cameron? He suffered for your sins, buddy, that's what.

By Kl
April 28, 2006 2:27AM (UTC)
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Kirk Cameron was a household name and Tiger Beat coverboy with a career of bad reality show cameos and "Two and a Half Men"-like sitcoms to look forward to -- until he let his faith get in the way. After that, he went the born-again route, starring in Bible Belt blockbusters and -- as we discovered during a recent bout of insomnia -- trying his hand as a cable TV proselytizer. As bad as he is (we love when he describes a razor blade as having a "razor-sharp edge"), his Seaver-ish charm sort of lured us in for a while, like that nice neighbor lady used to when she'd tell us about her church's fun ice-cream socials. But then, just like her, he slips in little digs at "sinful lifestyles," and we're just grateful that the nation's impressionable youth are in bed asleep at this time of night.



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