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Jolie reveals due date. Copperfield magically thwarts robbers. Plus: Did Tom really bug Nicole's phones?

By Salon Staff
April 27, 2006 5:30PM (UTC)
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Morning Briefing:
Due date for Angelina? In a long interview with NBC's Ann Curry, Angelina Jolie finally came clean about her due date, saying that at this point she's not quite eight months pregnant. In the first part of the interview, which aired on Thursday's "Today" show, Jolie also said she and Brad Pitt know the baby's gender, but they ain't telling just yet. (The rest of the interview will appear on Sunday's edition of "Dateline.") Curry, the only reporter who has been allowed to get close to the star couple in Africa, also asked Jolie about her relationship with Pitt and was met mostly with giggles. It's "just kind of funny," said Jolie. "If [Brad] saw this, he would probably understand why I was laughing. Because I just don't know how to address that kind of thing." (E! Online, the Post Chronicle)

David Copperfield uses magic to thwart robbers: After leaving a performance in West Palm Beach, Fla., over the weekend, David Copperfield and two assistants were held up at gunpoint, but while the assistants forked over their wallets, plane tickets and cellphones, Copperfield used his special powers to hold on to his stuff, using sleight of hand to show the thieves his pockets were empty when they were in fact still full. True to his craft, Copperfield wouldn't say how he did the trick. "Call it reverse pickpocketing," he told reporters. The robbers were caught and arrested by Palm Beach police soon afterward. (People)


Cruise/Kidman calls in Pellicano trove: A long article in the June edition of Vanity Fair (already available online) attempts to untangle the mess of the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping scandal, its main thesis being that the huge stash of tapes the FBI has recovered in the case -- called Pellicano's "War Room" -- may end up bringing down some of Hollywood's biggest players. There is reportedly at least one recording of a call between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the files, and sources say both Kidman and Cruise have been questioned by FBI investigators in the case. (Kidman was allegedly convinced Cruise had her phones bugged during their divorce proceedings and would joke during calls with friends, "So, Tom, are you listening? Am I saying what you want me to say?") And indeed there are still many in Hollywood who might have good reason to be nervous as the case progresses -- as TMZ reports, three-quarters of the tapes in the file still haven't been heard. (Vanity Fair, TMZ)

Page Six hears that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have settled on a wedding date and place: June 25 in Sydney, Australia. (Page Six) ... Angelina Jolie tops People's new list of the 100 most beautiful people in the world, while across the pond, Keira Knightley has been voted the world's sexiest woman by the readers of FHM magazine. (Yahoo! News) ... Mick Jagger took time out from the Rolling Stones' current tour in New Zealand to shoot scenes for his appearance in an as-yet unnamed ABC sitcom. (Associated Press) ... The reviews coming in for the new vampire-themed Broadway musical "Lestat," with music by Sir Elton John, are almost universally negative. As critic Frank Scheck writes, the show's producers aren't "making it any easier to refrain from the inevitable comment that 'it sucks.'" (Hollywood Reporter) ... Any rumors you may have heard about Michael Jackson collaborating with 50 Cent are pure hoax, according to Fox 411 -- a fake press release sent out by an unknown prankster on Wednesday duped news groups from Reuters to Billboard. (Fox 411)

Money Quote:
Teri Hatcher on wearing a patch after hurting her eye on the set of "Desperate Housewives": "Now I understand why pirates get so grumpy ... it's kind of uncomfortable." (ContactMusic)


-- Scott Lamb

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-- Joe DiMento


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