Exclusive Daily Download: "What If We Do?" (Nobody Remix), Mia Doi Todd

An exclusive free download from a beautiful new remix album

By Salon Staff
April 28, 2006 12:01PM (UTC)
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Mia Doi Todd's "Manzanita" album is remixed on "La Ninja: Amore and Other Dreams of Manzanita," an upcoming release from Plug Research that also includes two new tracks by Todd and a (very nice) cover of "Norwegian Wood." Remix albums are rarely a good idea, but this one works beautifully -- in fact, I find it more enjoyable than the original, as the extra step of remove somehow allows me to enjoy the weird edge of (I think unintentional) campiness in Todd's voice. There are plenty of great tracks here, including a Dungen remix of "My Room Is White" that sounds ... kind of like a Dungen song with Mia Doi Todd singing on it, but this Nobody remix is the winner, big and catchy and exotic.

-- T.B.

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