Mommy strongest hopes to organize mothers (and anyone who has a mother) around issues of parental equality.

Published May 1, 2006 6:55PM (EDT)

Mother's Day aside, May is shaping up to be a great month for moms. Along with the publication of their book "The Motherhood Manifesto," Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner have launched the grass-roots Web site and activist network The group models itself after, of which Blades is a founding member, in that its aim is to connect and organize citizen activists around "core motherhood and family issues in political, social, and economic spheres." (Y'know, family values.)

These core issues include paid maternity and paternity leave, universal healthcare for children and high-quality, affordable childcare for all parents who need it. If MomsRising's goal is achieved, concerns that are often marginalized as "women's issues" will be pushed to the fore as political issues that affect everyone and their mother.

What is so potentially exciting about MomsRising is that it outlines an agenda to be for this November, rather than just being against abortion bans, Defense of Marriage Acts, and [insert Bush policy here]. And the site doesn't merely leave you with a laundry list of the things it supports; it provides a take-action section with suggestions for how to get involved in projects like helping high school seniors register to vote, telling Congress what kind of health plan your family needs and letting the media know that you're sick and tired of hearing about the "mommy wars" and want reporting on news.

Keep an eye out for Salon's upcoming interview with the founders!

By Sarah Goldstein

Sarah Goldstein is an editorial fellow at Salon.

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