This week in Table Talk: From babies to Bushes -- what were they thinking?

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May 5, 2006 1:45PM (UTC)


The Colbert Report: It's French bitch!

E Fulton - 06:09 am Pacific Time - May 4, 2006 - #1073 of 1078

If it's not a big deal to tell the president that he is incompetent, a liar and a fraud, and over half the country believes the president is incompetent, a liar and a fraud, then why doesn't it happen more often? Bush is notoriously protected, and Stephen rhetorically depants-ed him to his face in front of 2600 journalists. It's not the same as Stephen's show, because -- as with most television and certainly with anything critical of Bush -- Bush appears to blithely ignore its existence and do whatever he wants. He was forced to hear that he has no clothes for 20 minutes, and that's 20 minutes more than I've seen in a very long time.


That's not a big deal? In the grand scheme of world news, probably not. But the news media doesn't report on half that is a big deal in the grand scheme of world news. They report on minutiae, like what kind of music Dear Leader listens to on his iPod. And in the context of that kind of minutiae, Dear Leader being told off to his face is a big deal. It may not have been news in the Golden Age of Journalism sense, but it sure as hell is the kind of news that we're generally inundated with in this fallen era of tabloid crap journalism.

Work Life

True Tales of the Office, Two - Stop me before I kill someone


Thryn - 09:15 am Pacific Time - May 2, 2006 - #1811 of 1831

We have fire drills fairly frequently. But once we had an alarm go off & while it turned out to be a malfunction, it was definitely NOT a drill. The electronic voice even said so.

But there was this one temp who just flat-out insisted it "didn't apply to her, b/c I'm just a temp." Cuz, you know -- the FIRE would just GO AROUND her, once it realized she was a TEMP.


Luckily, there was no fire, the alarm had gone off because our power had gone out for several hours due to someone hitting a transformer w/ their car one street over. When the power came back on, it did something to the fire alarm system, and an hour later the thing went off.

But sheesh -- "I'm not going outside. I'm a temp. It doesn't apply to me"? Stupid, much?


Families Who Think

They Named That Poor Kid What???? The Names Thread

SusanD - 09:37 am Pacific Time - May 4, 2006 - #1222 of 1230

This thread's been great the last few days. This list probably won't inspire any haikus, but I couldn't resist collecting all the ones I found in a month.


Baby names inspired by Jayden:

Shadyn Lanae
Shaydan David
Same day, same hospital: Blakelan, Braelyn, Braylon, Bryetton

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