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Little women in big cars, ordering frozen donor eggs, a breast-feeding record and more!

Page Rockwell
May 5, 2006 4:14AM (UTC)

CNN: A Connecticut couple has penned a song titled "90-Pound Suburban Housewife Drivin' in Her SUV" to make the rather Kim Chernin-esque point that as American cars get bigger, the women driving the behemoths seem to be shrinking. Demonstrating great taste, the writers want Dolly Parton to sing the tune.

South Bend Tribune via Feministing: Court grants child-visitation rights for man convicted of attacking and raping the mother of his children, requiring the woman to bring the kids to see their dad in prison. (As Feministing's Jessica wonders, "How can someone argue that being around a violent rapist is in the best interest of children?")


MSNBC: Frozen donor eggs may make IVF easier for infertile couples (also may ease pesky "leftover embryo" worries).

AllAfrica: Intellectuals and policymakers from around Africa gather for a summit on the status of women on the continent; topics include misogyny, violence and the fact that 80 percent of the continent's poor are women.

Reuters: After the WHO estimated that 16,000 Filipino children die each year from formula mixed with dirty water or an incorrect proportion of powder, over 3,700 Manila women staged a nurse-in, breast-feeding together to raise awareness of the economy and nutritional value of breast milk. Reuters' "Oddly Enough" section applauds them with the following gross headline: "Manila the Cream of the Crop in Breastfeeding Coup."

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