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The Medicaid myth, the virginity pledge (sic) and more.

Published May 10, 2006 11:17PM (EDT)

Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post: 2006 STD Prevention Conference adds abstinence-only point of view -- after intervention by member of Congress.

L.A. Times: Virginity pledge? What virginity pledge?

L.A. Times, again: Russian women offered baby bounties.

L.A. Times, once more: Why 30 percent of German women choose to go childless. (Discussed in Broadsheet here and here.)

WSJ.com (free access today only!): B-schools target stay-at-home moms.

CNN: Twelve boys accused of sexual assault -- 12 boys in the second grade.

NPR: "All Things Considered" explores Cecelia Fire Thunder's vow to open an abortion clinic on a South Dakota Sioux reservation.

Center for American Progress: Medicaid funding and the "myth" of the rape exception. ("What happens today when a woman or girl who has been sexually assaulted seeks Medicaid funding for abortion in one of the many states that pay only in the case of rape/incest or life endangerment? The reality is that she is almost always denied coverage for the abortion.")

Unbossed.com: U.S. district judge rules in favor of international AIDS prevention advocates who lost funding under a Bush policy requiring groups receiving federal AIDS grants to explicitly condemn prostitution. (Compare and contrast: "Bush Takes on the Brothels," by Nicholas Kristof.) (Times Select only, sorry.)

Women's eNews: Women are climbing the ranks of newsroom leadership ... right at one of the riskiest times for the industry.

Boston Herald: Parents' dream, kids' nightmare: Schools bar some prom dates after background checks.

MSNBC: Flanagan's no fan, but "date nights" seem to work for couples.

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