Barry and Tina

When "Hava Nagila" goes over like a lead kallah.

May 12, 2006 7:10AM (UTC)

Barry and Tina's wedding video is a good opener for us, because it's very similar to most that are out there: slick, servicable and slightly overproduced. But generally, we don't have huge objections to what looks like a very nice wedding ceremony, and a maybe too tricked-out reception. We are a little concerned at the reaction shots during "Hava Nagila," though. Are there cranky Catholics in the mix? (Tina is short for Valentina, we learn.) And later, Barry seems to be singing along to Luther Vandross' "Here and Now," and even though it is his wedding, does that really make it acceptable?

Pros: Understated dresses, bald heads, multi-denominational, pretty setting.
Cons: Faux-club reception, cheesy minister, and that underwhelming "Hava Nagila"



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