FBI raids for Foggo, but what about warrantless spying?

Law enforcement agents search home and office of the man who just resigned as the CIA's No. 3.

Tim Grieve
May 12, 2006 10:07PM (UTC)

It's not quite as sexy as the Associated Press first reported -- an initial bulletin had the FBI searching the home of Porter Goss -- but this is still pretty interesting: The FBI today raided both the home and the office of Dusty Foggo, who was, until Monday, the No. 3 man at the Central Intelligence Agency. Just in case you were wondering, CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise Dyck tells the AP that the Foggo investigation has "absolutely nothing, zero" to do with Goss' decision to resign from the CIA last week.

There's something else we'd like to ask Dyck or Michael Hayden or Alberto Gonzales or somebody: If FBI agents can - with just a few minutes' prior notice -- go rifling through the office of the executive director of the CIA, how hard would it be to give a couple of Justice Department investigators the security clearances they need to look into the role department lawyers played in the NSA warrantless spying program?

Tim Grieve

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