Nafeeza and Safraz

Rule No. 1 for wedding videos: Show who catches the wedding bouquet!

May 12, 2006 7:29AM (UTC)

We loved "Monsoon Wedding" so much we were prepared to be blown away by Nafeeza and Safraz's "Indian Wedding Video," which promised "highlights of a traditional Indian wedding" by "two professional wedding videographers with two cameras," and helpfully informed us that "India is a big country in Asia." No one ate any marigolds, but we admit it: This one made us swoon.

Pros: Really lovingly detailed, from wedding preparation right through the ceremony; some charming close-ups (especially of the hands during the exchange of the rings); good coverage of the rest of the wedding party.
Cons: Weird black-and-white video of guests waiting for the ceremony to start looked like grainy newsreel footage. Also: We want to see who caught the bouquet! Or at least the catfight that broke out as it was pulled apart.




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