The Petersens

A Mormon wedding where a little wine might have come in handy.

May 13, 2006 1:01AM (UTC)

Beware the bride who, just before the ceremony, sternly informs the camera that her bridesmaids are "holding her together" and she's "got her game face on." What is this, a playoff game? We were worried at the beginning of this traditional Mormon wedding that the bride's grim determination would put a real kink in our Temple garments. But luckily, our affable groom saves the day, and the video work which captures every single Hallmark moment, including good reaction shots from family members is topnotch.

Pros: Good video work, and a happy-go-lucky groom who can seriously not dance.
Cons: A little slow-paced, and someone could've slipped a little Kahlua in that poor bride's milk.



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