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If the White House is feeling upbeat, we want some of whatever it is they're having there.

Published May 17, 2006 1:19PM (EDT)

From the "We'll Have What He's Having" Department, AmericaBlog caught Tony Snow on the "Today" show this morning, where he apparently proclaimed the White House to be a happy and upbeat place.


Even putting aside the possibility that the president's chief political advisor will be indicted this week -- a subject matter Snow, like his predecessor, wouldn't address during his first televised press briefing Tuesday -- isn't it just a little hard to believe that it's all sunshine and bunnies in the West Wing? And if it is, isn't that just a sign that the folks there need to get out more?

Or maybe they should just read the results of today's Washington Post/ABC News poll. Presidential approval rating? Thirty-three percent, down five points in the first month of the Josh Bolten era. By "wide margins," Americans say they now trust Democrats more than Republicans to deal with immigration, the economy and Iraq, a war that 59 percent of the public says was a mistake. Fifty-six percent say they want Democrats to run Congress -- even though 52 percent say Democrats haven't offered a "sharp contrast" to the Republican plan for America.

Perspective? The Post says that Bush's numbers in the current poll are identical to those his father received in the poll in 1992, just before he lost to Bill Clinton. And speaking of Bill Clinton, a CNN poll released earlier this week says that Americans believe -- by more than a 2-to-1 margin -- that Bush has done more than Clinton did to divide the country. And by a 46 to 41 percent margin, Americans say that Clinton was more trustworthy as president than Bush has been.

By Tim Grieve

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