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Progress on the Louisiana abortion ban and the federal same-sex marriage ban. On the bright side, fun facts about evolution and a dress lets you inflate your own boobs.

Page Rockwell
May 19, 2006 4:00AM (UTC)

Times-Picayune: Louisiana House committee passes proposed abortion ban (though they did finally include an exception for situations in which the mother's health is in danger). Now the ban goes to the House floor.

Times-Picayune again: Citing budget woes, Tulane to consolidate Newcomb College, the first degree-granting college for women in the U.S., and all-male Tulane College. Heirs of benefactor Louise Newcomb are suing the university.


The Onion AV Club: "Has anyone ever hated teenagers with the gusto of the writers and artists at Archie Comics?" An Americana retrospective, including a Betty and Veronica fashion corner.

Washington Post: One more science lesson they won't be getting in Kansas: "Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees." But only for about a million years.

Reuters (and War Room): In a restricted-access hearing, the Senate judiciary committee green-lights a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Plus, Arlen Specter and Russ Feingold mix it up.


Scanner: Just what I've always wanted! The inflatable dress that gives wearers blow-up boobs.

Page Rockwell

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