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May 26, 2006 2:15PM (UTC)



DB Avery - 08:26 am Pacific Time - May 25, 2006 - #4907 of 4909


I only saw parts of the show in real time, and will watch my tape in a bit, but...*whew*...

So, next season opens with an explosion on the horizon -- there's your "rescue," Walt & Michael? Wouldn't surprise me. As for the two of them putt-putting out to sea: is there water aboard? Do they have food? No, just head on out into open sea in your rickety little boat.


Eko!! Locke!! Desmond!! I hope they somehow survived. Charlie seemed too blase about things, but maybe he was mind wiped or something (all that electromagnetism going higgledy piggledy fried his synapses a bit?).

Why haven't they found Clancy Brown's body, unless he's still rotting there on a part of the shoreline that the Lostaways had to circumnavigate -- I remember that the Lostaways did have to go inland at one point, to get around a particularly steep bit of coast.

Or, maybe Clancy's not really dead, but was unconscious? I'd like for him to meet up with Sayid again at some point.


"I was wrong." Yeah, Locke, you were. If you are still living, do you need that wheelchair back again?

Is Rose's cancer coming back? Will Sun's miracle pregnancy self-destruct? Clancy told Desmond that if he used the key (a magical non-metal key, it would seem), everything would "go away." So, do the miracle cures "go away"? Maybe he was just talking about the bunker.

I loved finding the distal end of the pneumatic tube, with Locke's drawing on the pile of journals: creepy funny. Being a total nerd, I'd have to sit on that pile and read my way through everything.


Then there's Penny! Were the chess players in the Antarctic? I thought that was a commercial at first, and almost cut my tape short.

Who are the Others? The Good Guys? Depends on your definition of "good," I guess. And, the Lostaways had Henry, the leader: no wonder he was able to play them so well.


Between all the questions popping up on "Lost," and House being gun shot, it's going to be a very long summer for me.

House: What's It Like?

Nancy Richardson - 09:30 am Pacific Time - May 24, 2006 - #915 of 930

Another thing I loved about the show was that it made fun of conventions of television and moviemaking.


During the scene where House is dancing up and down the stairs, he suddenly asks "how did I get here?" Well, the audience, which doesn't need linear discussions of how scenes are stitched together, wouldn't notice it. It was as if House, confused about the conventions of screenwriting, fails to realize he isn't on a television show. He thinks he has short-term memory loss. However, one should ask oneself how House managed to go from one scene handcuffed to a bed to another where he is dicussing the POTW?

The first big clue that this was a dream, by the way, was when they delivered the gunman's gurney into the ICU. The second was when he had a discussion with the "wife" of the POTW, who clearly was saying stuff which was almost of a parody of every wife of a potw.

I can't wait to get the DVD of this episode, it is PACKED with all kinds of great stuff. Like how do you get a Californian Mexican taco stand into New Jersey?


Grey's Anatomy

Diva - 10:14 pm Pacific Time - May 18, 2006 - #524 of 533

Call me a prude, but although the sex scene was very hot, I didn't like it in the context of their relationship. I could accept and even enjoy Meredith's demands that McD "stop looking at me" and Derek's "don't you think I wish I could stop looking at you?" if it ended in a steamy kiss and then massive amounts of will power on both sides to go no further. That would convince me it was Love. That would bring the tension back to mega-whatevers you measure tension in. That would have been equally, or perhaps even more hot.

But the sex, I thought, cheapened the moment. It was egregious and even anticlimactic. I think leaving them yearning for each other, and acknowledging it, would have been better than hurried sex in an examining room, with panties lost and an almost guaranteed interruption.


It's not just because I like Addison more now that we've gotten to know her, or Meredith any less. I like both women. But I now despise McDreamy -- what a weakling, what a cad. Who'd want him? Both of these women deserve better. If he'd cheat on Addison, now that he's chosen to take her back, he'd cheat on anyone. He'll cheat on Meredith, if she wins him. I hope she decides she doesn't want him.


Sam Deeds - 08:45 am Pacific Time - May 21, 2006 - #2268 of 2296

Predictions, anyone?


I say the CTU Los Angeles building is decimated by one of the submarine's missiles, and Jack Bauer tortures another audio-recorded confession out of Logan.

Nah, seriously, the direction it's heading -- with Aaron and Betty Ford and Robert Novak helping Bauer confront Logan and save the day -- must have some twist. One of my coworkers thinks David Palmer is alive. I have a feeling Jack's going on a rendition flight to China, and not as an escort, if you catch my drift.

The subtitle for this series should be: The Long, Slow, Interesting, Ongoing Breakdown of Jack Bauer's Sanity. You just know the series will end in '09 with our Jack aimlessly wandering the streets of L.A. mumbling about the Illuminati and Roswell. That's his character arc, really.

But he's got to serve as terrorist-ass-kicking President first.

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