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Britney manny rumor goes bust. Brad and Angelina have no marriage plans. Plus: Katie and Tom's prenup!

Published June 8, 2006 1:30PM (EDT)

Morning Briefing:
Britney's "nanny" already spoken for: Despite the rumors swirling earlier this week about Britney Spears and her new, hunky nanny, it appears he's already spoken for -- and he's no nanny. After identifying him as Perry Taylor, a 28-year-old Naval Academy grad who now works for a private security firm in Los Angeles, TMZ tracked down the guy's mom, who spilled the news that he's already got a long-term girlfriend -- whom she described as "a bombshell." Taylor apparently wanted to head to either Iraq or Afghanistan after graduating in 2000, but went to California to be a bodyguard instead. Mom also said looking after Sean Preston is her son's first baby-sitting gig, though he's not on diaper duty: "He's just beginning to learn about babies." (TMZ)

No wedding bells for the Jolie-Pitts, yet: In their first public outing since Shiloh's birth, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave a press conference in Namibia on Wednesday, and while they said more nice things about their time in Africa, the real news was about their wedding plans, or lack of them: "There is nothing in the air. The focus is the kids, and we are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together," Jolie told reporters. "So that kind of says it for us, and to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing." And in response to yesterday's leaked photos of Shiloh, People magazine, which paid over $4 million for the exclusive rights and had been threatening legal action against any Web site that posted the image, decided to go ahead and put up the cover photo on their own site. The issue with the full baby spread comes out Friday. (Associated Press, People)

Katie's prenup hammered out? The latest version of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes prenuptial agreement, this time coming courtesy of Life & Style Weekly, gives Katie Holmes an incentive to actually go through with the marriage. She'll reportedly get a house in California and $3 million for each year that she's married to Cruise (up to $33 million) if they end up getting hitched and splitting. But if she decides not to go through with the wedding, Cruise may play hardball. "If she walks now, Tom will fight her for custody of [daughter Suri], and Katie can't outlast him in court," an insider tells the gossip mag. "She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that." (Life & Style via the Scoop)

Despite widespread news reports on Wednesday, Heather Mills does not have sole custody of her daughter with soon-to-be-ex Paul McCartney -- McCartney's P.R. rep called the claim "total rubbish." (People) ... Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards agreed to extend the restraining order against Sheen until June 28 -- he has to stay at least 300 yards away from his wife and daughters, except for under supervision. (Associated Press) ... It's perhaps a slightly dubious honor since so few movies open on a Tuesday, but "The Omen" had the biggest Tuesday debut in box office history this week, bringing in $12.5 million on its first day. (ShowBizData) ... Weird item of the day: Calculate your life span with this handy online life expectancy calculator -- you get points taken away for owning a gun. ( ... Scientology is getting into the NASCAR scene by sponsoring its own car -- the red No. 27 race car, bearing the word "Dianetics" in big letters, will make its debut during a race on Saturday in California. (Charlotte Observer) ... The MPAA announced a PG rating for the upcoming family feature "Facing the Giants" because of "strong thematic elements" that might disturb some viewers -- in this case, because the Christian movie is too evangelistic. (Scripps Howard News Service) ... Congress has passed legislation increasing the maximum fines the FCC may levy on "indecent" content by 10 times, raising it from $32,500 per incident to $325,000. (Associated Press) ... MSNBC president Rick Kaplan stepped down from the cable network on Wednesday after being unable to significantly improve the channel's prospects during his 2 and half years at the helm. (Lowdown)

-- Scott Lamb

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-- Lamar Clarkson

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