Lifting women up, one bra at a time

Queen Latifah announces "National Women's Confidence Day."

Published June 9, 2006 2:31PM (EDT)

In a move that seems two parts marketing scheme and one part rah-rah girl power, Queen Latifah declared Wednesday "National Women's Confidence Day." I hate to poke fun at Latifah, one of the more positive celebrity female role models out there, but according to a cheeky Washington Post article, the event was arranged by Rep. Carolyn Malone, the YWCA and Curvation, a line of plus-size lingerie. Curvation's very cheery Web site calls the day a "historical milestone." But as the Post puts it, "What's underwear got to do with this?" Well, underwear's "really what this is all about," Latifah said. "You'd be surprised how simply wearing the right bra can affect confidence. It may seem trivial in affecting a woman's confidence but it works." Sure, a supportive, correct-fitting bra is a wonderful thing, possibly worth celebrating even, but, c'mon, a national holiday? Plus, check out the oh-so-officious shots of Latifah with the Capitol building in the background at the carefully staged Washington press conference.

Poorly disguised marketing ploy aside (and, in fairness, every cause has to have its sponsors), the message is something to get behind. "I got the support I needed from my mother, grandmother and aunts. But many women today do not have the confidence they need," Latifah said. So here's to confidence whether you get it from a supportive family or -- er -- a supportive bra.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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